“Molly, painting”

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Molly, painting...24 w x 18 h...oil on canvas/hardboard panel

Molly, painting...24 w x 18 h...oil on canvas/hardboard panel

The word “painting” is, in this instance, both a noun and a verb.  Here is my painting of Molly engaged in the act of creating a painting.  

Several years ago when Molly was Evan’s girlfriend and not yet his wife I showed her how to create a trompe l’oeil mural for her windowless college apartment bedroom.  We had a lot of fun over the two days it took to complete this project.  Molly’s a wonderful artist and the mural turned out even better than I imagined it would when we were planning it.  During the project I took several photographs and one of them I used as a reference for this painting.  Unfortunately I shot the photo with what I considered my “eBay camera”, meaning I used it for taking pictures of things I would eventually sell on eBay.  It was an early digital camera and I had set the resolution at the very lowest setting, so the photo was very small, very poor quality. 

In reality Molly was sitting at the kitchen table and there were cabinets behind her and balled up paper towels beside her on the table and junk all around.  But she is so naturally graceful and her pose (which was unposed) so elegant that her portrait needed a much more beautiful background, so I painted in this leafy glen.   I think she looks like a woodsprite artist.  I didn’t have to enhance her at all…she’s naturally beautiful.  I did bump up the bling factor of her necklace and gave her some painted diamond stud earrings.

Below is a photo of just part of the mural she painted that day.  Somewhere I have a photo of the full mural…I just can’t locate it right now.  The painted scene, on an eight foot high canvas panel, is a peaceful meadow at dawn under a sky with white clouds and a crescent moon, as seen from an open set of French doors with a fan window above.  The realistically painted door and window frame and this butterfly (painted on, not real!) are what trick the viewer into thinking the mural is actually a window.  That’s what trompe l’oeil means: to fool the eye.

Detail of Molly's trompe l'oeil mural

Detail of mural


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