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April in Paris, painted in March

april-in-paris-ditych-paintingI painted this diptych (painting in two parts) of Paris to donate to the silent auction at the upcoming Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation fundraiser in Atlanta.

It is acrylic paint (I LOVE acrylics!) on canvas/hardboard cradled panel…and each panel is 16 inches h x 12 inches w…for a total size, when hung together, of 16 x 24.

Usually I crop the photos I take of my paintings but I wanted to show my very high-tech photo area — the A/C unit sticking out of one of the barn/studio’s windows!  This area isn’t pretty — and is always a bit drippy — but the light there on the non-sun side of the barn/studio is beautiful and even and true-to-color.

About the painting…I love Paris (heck, who doesn’t?) and I love the monumental scale of everything there.  I like to imagine, as I stroll around with Dan, what it must have been like to have been one of the King’s architects or landscape designers.  Someone designed and placed that amazing sculpture/planter…the one I’ve painted there in the right corner.  Did that start out as a series of drawings by some silk-frocked be-wigged fellow…who then gave the drawings to stone masons who carved the glorious thing?  Fast forward to now: who decided that wild purple petunias were to be the choice for the season?  How many gardeners are on staff there?   Where were the petunias grown?  And now, a couple years later after Dan shot the photo that I used as reference for this painting, what is blooming in that beautiful planter?  And when can I go back to see?!?


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YoYo! An update…

YoYo is the adorable little Pekingese that someone dropped off here last November.  She was emaciated, malnourished, full of worms, deaf…and had one damaged eye, mammary tumors, an abdominal hernia and, not surprisingly, some trust issues!  Our vet fixed up her medical problems and we provided a lot of good food and a lot of love and now she is thriving and enjoying her life of luxury as the only house dog here at the farm.  She has gained almost five pounds and her fur has grown in as thick as bunny’s.  As a thank you to our vet, Dr. Howard Small (no relation) I painted this portrait for him.


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